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Project Overview

Wattsup Energy is a new-age company that offers LED lighting and Solar energy assessment, device installation, and flexible financial services. They offer comprehensive and efficient LED lighting, Solar energy generation, and energy storage solutions for homes and businesses to drastically reduce power bills while leveraging natural resources, i.e. Sun to generate clean energy which is eco-friendly.
02 / 07

Goals & Objectives

We achieved the following goals and objectives in order to take this project to the desired level.

Informative yet Elegant

As per the nature of the website, we wanted to maintain a healthy balance of information and elegant design on the website to offer a complete experience.


There is no substitute for convenience, we wanted to offer users a flawless user experience that users can always appreciate and stay loyal to the platform.

Clean Experience

Since there is a lot of scope for information in different forms, all we wanted to achieve is our aesthetic goal that leaves a lasting impression on the users.


The website serves the purpose of providing information and receiving inquiries so we wanted to make sure the user can contact the owner easily at any time.

03 / 07

Challenges & Solutions

These challenges and made us push our limits to find some really cool solutions for the project.


Remarkable Performance

It is challenging to offer a data extensive website with smooth performance.

Advanced Accessibility

Understand users’ intent and place CTA for maximum conversions.

User Friendliness

The entire website must be user-friendly in order to gain customer loyalty.


Remarkable Performance

We exploited the latest technologies and tools to optimize the website for optimum performance.


Advanced Accessibility

Incorporated trusted theories and measurements to place CTAs in the right places.


User Friendliness

Our UX/UI professionals applied a whole new approach to achieved next-gen user-friendliness.

04 / 07


Take a look at the wireframes that we designed in order to achieve our goals and objectives.
05 / 07

Color & Typography

We carefully selected color and typography for this project to establish a distinct relationship with users.
06 / 07

Visual Design

The final visual design works on so many levels to attract, engage, and earn users.
07 / 07

Tech Stack

We curated the best and proven technologies to develop and design every segment of this application in a perfect way.

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