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Project Overview

The project of Trocas & Permutas came as a surprise to us. It is a diverse marketplace with a slight twist in its business model. This platform allows its customers to exchange goods and services among different vendors. Along with such a diverse business model, Trocas & Permutas also allows users to enjoy various marketing tools to advertise their listings to attract more customers.
02 / 07

Goals & Objectives

Trocas & Permutas may seem a simple project just like any other marketplace. However, its unique business model bends a lot of principles of other marketplaces.

A Welcoming Platform

Despite its rather new business model, Trocas & Permutas must be a familiar platform that should attract users with its simplicity.

Rich with Exciting Features

Rich features allow users to enjoy the platform as they interact with it. With new its features, customers will have many reasons to come back to it.

A Unique Persona

Being simple is important but to leave a mark on the market, it is equally important to have a different persona of the platform that makes it stand out.

Comprehensive Marketing Options

Since all the users will also be the vendors as well as the customers, there must be powerful marketing and advertisement options for all of them.

03 / 07

Challenges & Solutions

New projects come with new challenges that make us expand our horizons to invent efficient solutions. This project is no exception. It’s been a fantastic journey.


Too Many Services

The platform can be too difficult or confusing for customers to navigate through hundreds of services.

Roles of Customers

The platform that allows users to exchange goods and services, one user can play roles of customers and vendor.

Diverse Marketing Possibilities

For a platform that enables almost all users to become vendors, there must be customized marketing options.


Intelligent Sorting Options

Intelligent sorting options simply eliminated all the complexity of the platform and made it simply good.


Special Profile Designs

We designed new customer profiles that served customers in the roles of both vendors and customers.


Implementation of Effective Marketing Tools

We implemented various marketing tools that could help the customers to change their experience of the platform.

04 / 07


To offer a unique, yet familiar experience to the users, we designed and tested various wireframe designs until we found what we were looking for.
05 / 07

Color & Typography

The color and typography of this platform were carefully selected to offer the platform a unique persona and pleasing feel to it.
06 / 07

Visual Design

The visual design of Trocas & Permutas is all about a new experience and refreshed look from the rest of the marketplaces available in the world.
07 / 07

Tech Stack

Technologies that we used in the development of the platform were picked to offer uncompromised performance and scalability possibilities.

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