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Project Overview

ReadUp is a fun platform for kids where they can read books from its online library. The library has a huge collection of adventure, animals, education and fantasy books. ReadUp is available on the web, Android and iOS. It comprises various intuitive features like a custom personal library and a reward point system for encouraging kids to read more. The immersive experience of the app is carefully designed especially for the kids.
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Goals & Objectives

We carefully chose our goals and objective for ReadUp and its innocent & unpredictable audience.


To make the app comprehensive, it is our goal to make the app as simple as possible that it does not portray any unfamiliarity with the system.


Considering the innate curiosity of kids, we wanted to develop a platform that is interactive to them so they do not get distracted by anything.

Made for Kids

Every aspect of the app must be designed according to based on the behavior of kids so that the app engages them into an ultimate reading experience.

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Challenges & Solutions

We took substantial time to figure out our inconspicuous challenges to figure out the remarkable solutions.


Visually Interesting

Kids have a relatively shorter attention span, so it is important to develop a visually interesting and appealing app.


It is tough to understand the perspective of kids and their interests to offer them an immersive ready experience.

Curated Experience

To sum everything up, it is quite a challenge to develop an app for kids that is designed and developed by adults.


Visually Interesting

We studied the colors and typography in order to design ReadUp in such a way that it is visually interesting and engaging.



We incorporate various researches and got our app tested by kids to ensure the app delivers a phenomenal immersive experience.


Curated Experience

Every aspect of ReadUp is reimagined from the perspective of kids, sounds, colors, typography, navigation, and many more.

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We designed and redefined the wireframes of this app until we got what actually works.
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Color & Typography

Carefully and creatively we designed the app with attractive colors and typography for an ultimate reading experience.

Readup Color
Readup Color
Readup Color
Readup Color
Readup Color
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Visual Design

Here is the final design that came out as a result of our study, research, and creative development.
Readup Visual
Readup Visual
Readup Visual
Readup Visual
Readup Visual
Readup Visual
Readup Visual
Readup Visual
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Tech Stack

We exploited only the best technologies to ensure optimum performance and desired scalability.

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