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The Purpose

Land Events is a Premium information platform created to support people in Primary Industries everywhere. Bridging Communication, Connecting all Industries, Engaging Collaboration, Empowering Communities.

01 / 07

Project Overview

We had a great pleasure developing this one of a kind website. Land Events is a website that organizes events and workshops related to Apiculture, Aquaculture, Dairy, Beef, Rural Professional, and many other similar industries. The website serves a great purpose by offering news and information about these events and let people attend these events.

The Core

In the core of Land Events is Heart. We encourage inclusivity, value positive impact, build unity and base this on integrity. We empower people through activating knowledge centers and continuous life learning.

The Passion

To create a primary force of resilience, confidence, capability, character, and strength for our people through activating empowered knowledge and deepening conversations.

02 / 07

Goals & Objectives

As exciting as it may seem, this project is unique and so are its goals and objectives.

Attractive Design

The design of the website should not only look good but it should work phenomenally in order to leave a lasting impression on its users.

Right on Point

The website must depict the idea and spirit behind this venture of our client. Every aspect of the website should communicate its very own message.


The idea is to serve a myriad of purposes and the website must showcase every aspect and attribute to the users to enhanced convenience.

03 / 07

Challenges & Solutions

Every unique idea has its own unique challenges and solutions, but we pushed our limits to come out with the best solutions.


New Concept New Platform

The concept is quite new and having an online platform is a whole new level of unfamiliarity.

Too Many Services

Even when the website targets largely agriculture services, there is a myriad of services.

Right Education

We need to educate the user-base about this new concept and how it operates.


New Concept New Platform

For website design, we took elements from a widely used website to make it familiar.


Too Many Services

We designed custom navigation and smart sorting options to reduce complexity.


Right Education

There is a significant and proper space to educate users about the services.

04 / 07


The wireframes are meticulously designed while keeping our goals and objectives in mind to offer users maximum convenience.
05 / 07

Color & Typography

Color and typography leave a lasting mark on users, and our designing team made sure that we leave a fantastic lasting impression.
06 / 07

Visual Design

After incorporating all things at once we came up with these final design that is ready to engage users in a great user experience.
07 / 07

Tech Stack

We leveraged only the modern and invincible technologies to benefit the project with numerous scalability options.

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