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01 / 08

Project Overview

DialUsafi is a remarkable on-demand service provider mobile application that offers services like laundry, cleaner, babysitter, and chef. This simple looking app is transforming the daily lives of the people. The app is not only limited to the service seekers but it also helps service providers to promote their services and get some extra exposure for their business growth.
02 / 08

Goals & Objectives

We set the following goals and objectives for this project and we pushed our limits to achieve them as well.


When introducing a one of a kind concept, simplicity should be adopted right away.

Unique Design

For a whole new impression, we need to make sure it’s the app has a unique design.


An interactive mobile app has some creative and powerful capabilities to engage users.

03 / 08

Challenges & Solutions

Just like we anticipated, there were some fundamental challenges during this app development, but nothing we cannot deal with.


Unfamiliar Audience

The concept of such an app is unique in the locality, the audience may not get along.

New Navigation

We are trying a new level of simplicity, everything needs to be made from scratch.

Reliable Performance

A reliable performance leaves a lasting impression on the users and earns their loyalty.


Unfamiliar Audience

Introduced a new level of simplicity that requires almost no effort to get used to.


New Navigation

Incorporated a few scientific theories to design simplified and easy navigation.


Reliable Performance

Leveraged modern technologies with our support to ensure reliable performance.

04 / 08


After meticulously crafting every segment according to the client’s vision, we gave the shape and colors to the final version of visual design that is ready to serve users while keeping them engaged in its visual aesthetics.
05 / 08

Color & Typography

Color and typography leave an impression on the users without his/her knowledge, we made sure it leaves an amazing impression.
Dialusafi Colors
Dialusafi Colors
Dialusafi Colors
Dialusafi Colors
Dialusafi Colors
06 / 08

Visual Design

The final visual design that you are seeing here is the product of our subtle creative thinking that is proven to work on so many levels.
07 / 08

Tech Stack

We meticulously curated the technologies for this project to provide it a performance edge over other apps.
08 / 08

Client Review

Calvin Ouma

Web Development for dialu safi

Internal stakeholders are pleased with the quality of the deliverables. Proactive and transparent, ARKA Softwares maintains open communication to foster efficiency and collaboration. Their excellent customer service sets them apart from other providers.

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